Exhibition time: October 2019

Venue: Mexico City World Trade Exhibition Center

Exhibition cycle: one year

Exhibition industry: bicycles, electric bicycles, accessories, clothing

Organizer: Mexico bicycle manufacturing union

Exhibition profile:

OEM exhibitors: peerless, TREK, Merida, Giant, Benotto, WINDSOR, Turbo, BICIMEX, Magistroni Mexico Bici EXPO to continue to participate in the exhibition.
Mexico bicycle (Mexico Bici Expo) is Mexico's most influential professional bicycle exhibition, the exhibition area of about 50 thousand square meters, there will be more than and 368 bicycle manufacturers display their new bicycles, will attract visitors and tens of thousands of professional buyers, it can be said that the exhibition is the size of the South American biggest, best bike. The exhibition provides a platform for exhibitors to meet with bicycle suppliers, distributors and consumers in central and South America, and is an excellent way for Chinese bicycle manufacturers to develop the Mexico market. During the exhibition there are a large number of media, web site support and publicity, the same period will be held dozens of games on the Tourism & Cycling Urban workshop as well as outdoor cycling race.

Exhibits range:

City bike: Vintage and classic styles of bicycles, single speed bicycles, bicycle and express design / modification, city road bike, Ms. bicycles, all terrain bicycle, cross-country bicycle, bicycle, bicycle concept, dirt bike cycling clothing, shoes, bicycle accessories bicycle
Outdoor sports: travel by bicycle, car racing, mountain bike, bicycle, bicycle trailer, youth travel agency, travel books, literature, multimedia blogs.
Spare parts: transmission, brake system, handle, tires, seats, headlights, mirrors, speed indicator, pulse tester, GPS equipment, transmission system, child safety seat, car basket, fixed system.

Market analysis:

According to foreign news media reports, Mexico's annual demand for the bicycle market is about 3 million, of which, the domestic bicycle reached 2 million 800 thousand, imports of bicycles is only about 100 thousand. Mexico has a considerable size of the bicycle manufacturers are mainly BENETTO, MERCUlO and MAGISTRONI, etc.. 70% of these manufacturers are concentrated in the capital Mexico City and its surrounding areas. Mexico products on the market to the "discount" as the main way of selling, the market price of products generally in 10 thousand yuan in Mexico. Hugo network learned that Mexico is known as the world's "city", a large population, road complex, large traffic. To solve the pollution of automobile exhaust huge has brought to the plateau city, Mexico city government in the development of city public transportation infrastructure at the same time, on the one hand, greatly reduce the bus fare, for passengers; on the other hand raise parking fees, to guide residents through the "green travel market leverage".

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