Exhibition Name: 2019 French Agricultural Exhibition

Time: 2019 

Location: Paris, France


Exhibition introduction

  The French international agricultural equipment and Technology Exhibition (SIMA) is a world famous agricultural exhibition, founded in 1922, held every two years, is the world famous agricultural exhibition, one of Europe's three largest agricultural exhibition. The exhibition by the French high Mei AI Bo exhibition group, jointly organized by the French Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers Alliance and French engine manufacturing alliance. The exhibition organizers from 1997 to the 3 agricultural areas of the success of the exhibition: (SIMA) (in the exhibition of agricultural machinery and agricultural materials, SIMAGENA (mainly) to livestock including cattle and sheep breeding and epidemic prevention and feed mainly) and SIMAVIP (with rapid industrialization breeding techniques and equipment) at the same time display have a very successful effect.
SIMA2015 show a total of 1302 exhibitors from around the world, including the national exhibitors accounted for 50%, the new increase of 301 enterprises, the exhibition area of nearly 200 thousand square meters, the audience of 209800 people, accounted for 25% of the audience, from 123 countries, and more than 400 journalists from 43 countries participated in the report. As a global leader in the agricultural exhibition, also as the world's only a combination of farming and animal husbandry equipment technology in the professional exhibition hall, the French Agricultural Exhibition suppliers from around the world, agents, customers and industry experts to provide business negotiation, project investment, technical cooperation and academic discussion of the ideal platform. When the international well-known brand manufacturers are gathered here. The French agricultural exhibition in addition to the European market but also in Africa especially North Africa National Exhibition focus on professional audience and buyers, who want to enter the African market development of enterprise is the most worthy in large international agricultural exhibition.


Exhibition scope

Multi functional equipment: tractor, tractor, harvester - field work; engine, spare parts; transport equipment - Trailer - handling.
Agricultural buildings - storage; water management - water drainage; agriculture and forestry maintenance; information technology and agricultural research institutes and service sectors.
Large scale farming: grain, sugar beet, potato harvest; sowing, fertilization; seeds, pesticides, fertilizers, agricultural inspection and quarantine; atomization; irrigation; agricultural construction, drying, storage.
Animal husbandry and dairy milking equipment; feed forage harvesting equipment; products, materials and equipment; housing; animal nutrition, healthy and comfortable products.
Special tillage: farming and harvesting - irrigation and atomization - sub refining and scaling - fruit and vegetable preservation and package, a variety of new energy equipment: solar energy, biogas, wind energy, waste wood boiler equipment, etc..


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